Review-: Watch Dogs Legion: Day Zero Prequel Novel

So. This book is brilliant, let me tell you why.

The book is written by James Swallow and Josh Reynolds and published by Aconyte Books.

Its been a very long time since I’ve wrote a review so kinda lost my way. I hope that you understand what I’m trying to get across below and if not then feel free to ask questions. Its been even longer reviewing a book.

The thing with books and reviewing them is its hard to speak/write about without giving its plot away. I’ll try my best though, so here we go!

The problem I have with books/comics or anything in general is that it needs to be truly interesting in order to grab my attention, I get bored easily if they don’t. Then they get put aside and forgotten about. Comics grab me easily but not so much for just pages of letters.

I never read the novel that accompanied the first game in the franchise so when I saw a post on reddit regarding this novel, I had to get my hands on it. No way was I missing out yet again.

Fortunately my efforts to get a review copy of this book paid off well as this book was great and really had my attention from the first page on my Kindle. It was like a great TV show where you’ll watch it to the point of wanting to cosplay the characters in it.

I actually finished this one.

There is 1 major plot throughout the book and from that there is another story featuring people on the run some kind of anonymous group who hire people to get stuff done and no, its not Dedsec.

From the pages of this book its clear that Dedsec is now all over the world and in some places they’re then split into smaller cells.

The books story and plot is shared by different characters it starts off with us following Olly, a bike messenger which then leads us to meet Sarah Lincoln, a politician and her assistant. I found meeting new characters like this great and attention grabbing. You’re left wondering whats happening to characters 1 and 2 whilst we read about characters 4 and 5 and their interactions with 5 and 6 etc. Brilliant stuff.

The chances are if you’re reading this post, you know about the game and have seen or heard of ALBION who in my opinion want to become the law despite the objections by some of the Police force, Dedsec, some Politicians and the people on the street.

I enjoyed the storyline so much and when it actually kicked off earlier in the book I had my own thought of what was happening and I was wrong, just like in a TV show where you think some thing happens for one reason but there is a twist like the writer or writers decide, actually no let’s flip it around for fun and go this way instead.

In the book you’re going to meet not just Dedsec members but as mentioned above politicians. You’re also going to meet an ex-MMA fighter named Ro who is now in with the Kelley Clan who is ran by Shirley Carter from Eastenders….not really but it looks like her. Even someone on r/watch_dogs thinks so.

You’ll eventually meet a new character, so it makes sense and why what I thought was happening didn’t.

After finishing the book, I found via twitter that the last few parts of the story actually overlaps the games beginning so, if you have the game and want to know how it got to that first mission then this book informs you properly.

If you’re looking for something that expands the lore of Watch Dogs whilst directly connecting with the start of Watch Dogs Legion then you won’t get better than this.

I think it is safe to also assume that the publisher and the 2 authors are fans of the series and they see the book as a kind of DLC…plus its what they said to me.

We really want it to feel like its own little bit of DLC for fans (of which Aconyte and indeed the authors are).

Aconyte Books via Email

I don’t really want to give out numbered ratings or stars, I leave that to other sites but if I did then this would get 5 stars out of 5 from me.

I want a sequel book.

My book was provided to me for free from the publisher, Aconyte Books. It is available on most ebook websites such as Amazon where you can also purchase it as paperback.

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